About Us

About MuriGenics

MuriGenics offers and delivers robust preclinical in-vivo and in-vitro contract drug discovery and development services, supported with statistical validation, solid science and project management to companies throughout the United States.
Our growth is driven by repeat customers who recognize that MuriGenics delivers on-time, quality results. Our lead scientists bring over 50 years of experience and expertise to the table. In the past year, our scientific team has specialized in developing protocols, integrating in-vivo and in-vitro assays for our clients. Such innovation has minimized use of resources while maximizing information obtained from a single study.
We specialize in disease models for oncology, cardiovascular, inflammation and metabolic diseases. Please inquire about any additional models.


Henry Lopez – President and CSO
Formerly, Director of Phenotyping at Pfizer Global Research Alameda CA.; Director of Phenotyping Park Davis Laboratory for Molecular Genetics; Manager at Physiology Department Glycomed
Steven Noonan – Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Formerly, COO of Phenomic Imaging; Scientist at Pfizer; Scientist at Parke-Davis

Scientific Advisors & Consultants

Donna Bouley D.V.M. Pathologist

Tim Doherty D.V.M. Laboratory Animal Medicine

David B. West Ph.D. Molecular and Cell Biology/Genetics

Edward H. Conrad Ph.D. Biochemist

Eric Memarzadeh Ph.D. Formulation Specialist

John Fidler Ph.D. Pharmacologist

John Musser Ph.D. Medicinal Chemist

Dan Levy, Ph.D. Organic Chemist www.delbiopharma.com

Kristin Evans, D.V.M. Laboratory Animal Medicine