stem cell assay

Myelotoxicity toxicity

Cancer Stem cells


Toxicity of hemotopoetic cells is a serious short coming of many chemotherapeutic and immune-suppressive agents. This can result in serious life-threatening infection and neutropenic sepsis. MuriGenics provides a panel of screens designed to help our clients gain insight into the possibility to which their compounds may produce myelotoxicity and thus aid them in lead candidate selection. FDA has increasing requested such analysis to be performed. Examples of the study include CFU assays (CFU-M, CFU-GM, BFUe etc.) and long term culture assays – aided by flow cytometry analysis. Below is a panel of screens we can perform:

  • CFU-GM (Colony Forming Unit Granulocyte Monocyte) for Neutropenia
  • CFU-GEMM (Colony Forming Unit Granulocyte Erythrocyte, Monocyte Megakaryocyte) for Multipotential Cytopenias
  • BFU-e (Busrt Forming Unit Erythroid for Erythropenia)
  • CFU-Mk (Colony Forming Unit Megakaryocyte) for Thrombocytopenia

Cancer Stem cells

Stem-cells like cells are believed to be present in the tumor site and are actively sought target for a successful remission. Various markers are available to identify these cells through flow cytometry and IHC.