Research Incubator

Many start-up companies either find the expense of maintaining an infrastructure for animal testing is beyond their means, or do not do enough animal testing to justify the investment. MuriGenics fills this need by providing the necessary personnel and facilities to reach your goals. Either through contract research, or through access to our expertise and facilities, we will keep your research programs moving.


Animal Model Selection: Let our years of experience guide your selection of the best model for testing your compounds.

Experimental Design: The appropriate design criteria (sample size, frequency of dosage, time course, control groups, endpoint measures) will determine whether your testing program will be successful.

Technical Training

We will rigorously train your staff in any of the animal procedures or technical analyses relevant to your research program.

Method Development

If the standard animal models or cell-based assays don’t meet your needs, Murigenics will help you develop new models and experimental protocols to suit.

On-site Staffing

Site your staff at MuriGenics and enjoy the benefits of our expertise and facilities. We will dedicate both animal holding/procedure rooms, and analytical bench space, for your exclusive use.

Project Management

If you lack the internal expertise for managing experimental animal or cell biology projects, we will provide it.


If MuriGenics doesn’t have the expertise or equipment you need, we have an established network of service providers to fill the gaps.