Additional Capabilities and Instrumentation

Flex Station 3 – GxP Compliant High-Throughput (HTS) Biochemical &
Cell-Based Assay Platform

The FlexStation 3 is a high throughput (HTS) multi-detection cell and biochemical-based assay system that features:

  • Five-Mode Reader with Wide Range of Applications
  • Flexible liquid transfer that enables the instrument to handle more assay conditions
  • User-Defined Automated Pipetting that Allows Simplified Assay-Optimization
  • Instrument and Software Validation

This system is optimized for running both homogenous and heterogeneous biochemicalor cell-based microplate assays in both 96- and 386-well platforms. Applications range from fast absorbance, fluorescent and luminescent assays to the incorporation of liquid transfer in multiple endpoint and kinetic assays. Capabilities of this instrument include:

  • Calcium Mobilization Assays
  • Membrane Potential Assays
  • Dual Luciferase Reporter (DLR) Assays
  • DNA/RNA/Protein Quantitation and Purity
  • PicoGreen/NanoOrgange/Bradford Assay
  • ELISAs/Enzyme Kinetics (e.g. Km, Ki, etc.)
  • Drug Dissolution Profiles
  • Live/Dead Viability/Cytotoxicity Assays
  • Caspase-3 and Protease Assays
  • CatchPoint cAMP Assays
  • IMAP Kinase Assays
  • Intrinsic Trytophan Fluorescence
  • Green Fluorescent Protein
  • FRET and TR-FRET Assays
  • HTRF Assays
  • Reporter Gene Assays
  • ADME-Tox Assays
  • Membrane Permeability Assays (PAMPA)
  • FluoroBlok Cell Migration Assays
  • DELFIA Assays