Cell-Based and Bioassays Overview

Cell-Based Assays

Cell-based assay development can range from cytotoxic assays, such as apoptosis, to cell proliferation, calcium mobilization, and cell-based immunoassays. Mechanisms of action, including receptor binding, receptor activation, cell signaling, drug internalization and subcellular localization can be delineated in cell-based assays following treatment with your pharmaceuticals.


Bioassay development encompasses testing of conditioned medium, cell lysates or whole cells in a variety of formats these include ELISA and Luminex immunoassays along with immunohistochemical methods such as flow cytometry.

Additionly, MuriGenics has GxP capabilities through the use of the FlexStation3 system, a multiplatform, high-throughput instrument. This platform has a wide range of applications for cell and bioassays.

  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Additional Capabilities and Instrumentation